The Simulators
Our Golf Simulators use, for the first time, highspeed cameras to provide a new level of realism and accuracy.

Why not play at St Andrews or one of 50 other championship courses from around the World every week with your friends on one of our state of the art golf simulators.

All new members receive a 30minute game assessment as part of your introduction to PGA here at Godstone.

Please come and be part of our small but growing club, the academy and its membership is open to juniors, adults and veterans, all are very welcome.

Our standard GPS Golf Simulator features a single screen system with a high quality Astroturf floor and golf mats, a white hitting/projection screen, a high specification computer with touchscreen and an HD projector. The walls and ceiling are finished in a black cord carpet with recessed lighting for the simulator. A high speed camera is mounted in the ceiling and a camera mounted to the right and side. The software offers the ability to play upto 40 of the worlds courses, to practice and to play competitions.
The Technology

The Technology
The Golf Simulator uses the widely renowned and state of the art, Sports Coach simulator technology.

The Sports Coach system uses high speed cameras, tracking the golf ball in much the same way as ‘Hawk Eye’ does in the tennis and cricket. One is mounted in the ceiling; it tracks ball speed, direction and spin. The second is mounted at floor level to the side, this tracks vertical launch angle and ball speed. A 3D model of flight is therefore produced from stationary ball on the tee to impact of the screen.

The result is a amazingly accurate ball flight and a indoor golf experience that is second to none. At no stage do you have to tell the system what club you are hitting; the system shows true ball flight - fades, draws, shaped shots and shanks. The system is also excellent for putting- again it tracks the ball and allows for a very realistic putting experience.It also means that you can play any shot and the system will track the ball- perhaps you need to play a bump and run with a rescue from 10 yards off the green but with 30 yards of green to go- the system has no problem picking this up. In essence there are three parts to the system- Practice, Play and competitions.
The Technology

Play: The system comes with 40 Golf courses and there are another 100 well known courses than can be added. The golf courses are all GPS mapped, they too are very realistic. Surrounding scenery and buildings are all mapped in for total realism. The system has a number of competitions from Medal to stableford to skins. You can play 9 holes, 18 or just a few. You can play 4 balls, 2 balls or just play on your own. At any stage you can stop and practice on the course. The system automatically calculates your scorecard based on your handicaps.

Practice: You have a choice of 5 driving ranges to practice your long game. The system also have a virtual chip area which allows you to practice from 150 yards and in... you can move closer to the green, hit to targets, chip over water and bunkers. You also have a comprehensive putting practice facility. All the practice facilities give you immediate feedback on the shots you have hit and keep a constant record of all your shots and all the data from each strike.

Competitions: The System allows you to play nearest the pin, longest and straightest drive competitions, keeping a leader board and providing great fun activities.
The Ultimate Teaching
The Ultimate Teaching
The Ultimate Teaching
The Ultimate Teaching and Practice Facility
The Golf Simulator Provides the Ultimate Practice Environment;

Swing Performance - Digital Video Coaching cameras operate simultaneously capturing a golfer’s swing automatically from both “face on” and “down the line” viewpoints during the complete swing. Players do not need to interact with the software between shots as their swing performance is captured and replayed alongside shot performance and ball flight data which provides immediate and detailed visual feedback. The digital replay loops automatically in two separate panes. Either pane can be paused and rewound giving full control to review a shot during any point of the swing. This powerful tool also incorporates a database that stores each shot independently for each camera which can be reviewed to compare the club face at any point during the current swing and any swing previously stored.

Drawing Tools – Once the golfer has taken a shot, the video from the cameras can be paused and a series of shapes including circles, semi-circles, rectangles and lines can be superimposed onto the golf swing.

Shot Performance - Two powerful High Speed Cameras work simultaneously at separate 90 degree angles that track the golf ball prior to swing, during swing, at the point of impact and during flight, providing extremely accurate shot performance data. Club speed, ball speed, swing path, club face angle, horizontal launch angle, vertical launch angle, back spin and side spin, distance, carry, elevation, shot height and hit factor are all presented on screen for immediate review. Shot data is so accurate that every type of shot is realistically represented – such as fades, slices, draws, hooks, straight and even shanked shots.

Player Performance Data – With a comprehensive database storing information from range data, chipping data, putting data, custom fitting, tournament results, video coaching, game statistics, score cards and player details, Golfers and professionals can review performance information for up to five historic sessions.
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